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Plan Member Advocacy & Health Insurance Advocacy

AQ Group Solutions’ unique Plan Member Advocacy™ service provides employees and their families with a single point of contact for timely claims resolution and advocacy.This confidential service ensures that the privacy of employees is protected, alleviates additional work from your administration team, keeps your employees focused on their work and mitigates any potential liability for the organization or executives by removing their involvement in the claims process.

Extensive analytical reporting is provided back to our clients, providing powerful insight into the sorts of challenges employees are having with the plan or insurer, employee satisfaction with the program, where further education or communication is required, or where health and wellness initiatives are best directed for maximum impact.

Plan members and their families have full access to our Plan Member Advocacy team, for assistance or mediation in English and French with a broad range of claims or coverage issues during business hours by telephone, or by confidential email 24/7.