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Group Retirement Savings Plans

AQ Group Solutions’ comprehensive two tiered National offering provides you with the excellent technical expertise required to manage your organization’s retirement plan and comply with Capital Accumulation Program (CAP) guidelines, while giving your plan members access to a high touch, educational service model.

The first tier focuses on the technical expertise required to manage your program with full analysis of plan design, contracts, investment choices, fee structures and plan performance. Clients receive comprehensive reporting including economic commentary and market forecasts. Additionally, AQ participates in the development and facilitation of pension committee meetings.

The second tier of our offering focuses on your plan members. Members of your organization can access dedicated member support across Canada including assistance with personal enrolment, investment counseling, individual retirement and financial planning services. Individual appointments can be made at the member's initiation with an accredited member of our financial services team, at no cost to them.

Our team works with employers of all sizes to design the tax-advantaged group retirement savings program best suited to their organization’s needs. These could include:

  • Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plans
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Individual Pension Plans
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Employee Profit Sharing Plans