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Association Plans

Group Health Programs

• Comprehensive Coverage

• Unique Industry Layoff Provision

• Customized Design

• Competitive Rates for

  Hourly & Salaried Employees

• Exclusive Group Retirement Plans

• Tax Advantaged Bonus Programs

• Dedicated Plan Member Advocacy

Talk about constructive thinking...

At AQ Group Solutions, we know full well that our clients want us to take the tough administrative stuff off their plates.  So we build innovative, industry-specific programs from the ground up.  We also act as a right arm in the areas of administration and plan member advocacy, saving your employees time and your organization money.

Association members have access to a strategic benefits program, individually designed for each Member Company to ensure precision alignment to the corporate and financial goals of each unique Member Company.

Find out how your benefits plan can help your employee attraction and retention efforts. Your business decisions all require precision alignment. Why should your benefits be any different? Call us at 1-888-989-2006 to construct a powerful plan that aligns with your corporate and financial objectives.


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